Class Available Everyday
FROM 9:00 TO 3:00 PM, Monday thru Saturday

Get your license anywhere from 3 days to one week. Educational fast and easy.

When you sign up for adult driving school through S.V.M. Defensive Driving School, you can expect attentive instructors and informative classes. You'll get the guidance you need to obtain your driver's license.

We offer a six-hour class for just $85.00


THE PACKAGE FOR $145.00 includes written test, DPS appointment (asap) and Driving Test.

Be more prepared before taking your test

Be more prepared before taking your test

We are DPS authorized for the driving test!

Driving Test: is available by appointment you must call or come by the office and have the following:

  • Learners Permit
  • Impact Video (current)
  • Receipt (from SVM Defensive Driving School)

Refresh your knowledge of the road rules before taking the state driver's test. Our adult driver's education program helps drivers feel more secure and confident in their driving. You can take your driving test with much less pressure. You'll also sit for your learner's permit test or prepare for your written driver's test.
Call now to learn how you can get your adult driver's education in El Paso, TX.

After obtaining your permit, we provide driving instruction. Our excellent teachers, will take you from the fundamentals to the expressway..